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Why do you want him to run before he can walk?


I became a mum to a little boy last March. Since then I have been inundated with competitive ‘facts’ about his daddy from my mother-in-law. When my boy started to eat solids for the first time, my mother-in-law told me that at the same age, my partner could eat whole sausage rolls from the bakery. We’re talking  5 or 6 months with no teeth?!

Then came crawling. My baby boy was quite lazy and only really started trying to crawl at 10 or 11 months – his daddy, on the other hand, could walk by then (yeah, sure).

These things got on my nerves at the time and created a weird kind of pressure on me, making him try to do stuff he wasn’t capable or ready to do. My mother-in-law came over one day and asked about him sitting. I explained my boy could sit unaided for a few seconds but he would topple backwards eventually, so I always had to make sure I was there to catch him. I left the room and he was promptly plonked on his bottom in the middle of the floor. As predicted, a few seconds later he wobbled and fell backwards and no one was there to catch him. The response to his crying was “Oh, you’re okay”! Grrrrrrrrr.

Let me enjoy, protect and care for my little baby boy how I want to! You’ve had your turn!


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