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Hello! I’m Jo from Mumii and I have been looking closely at the new Over the Moon Wicker Moses Basket range from Clair de Lune, a brand based near Manchester that has become synonymous with Moses baskets.

Clair de Lune was about when I was a baby! In fact, it’s a well-established family company that has been around for almost 75 years, meaning that it has provided multi-generations with Moses baskets, bedding and more. On a recent visit to their factory, I saw first-hand just how much care and attention is put into everything that leaves their doors.

So, the Clair de Lune Over the Moon Wicker Moses Basket – what did I really think? I have seen possibly hundreds of Moses baskets over the years, ranging from the very traditional to the very modern. The Over the Moon basket lies somewhere in the middle – a mixture of traditional basket with a more modern twist on the fabrics. Priced at £87.99 for the basket and £27.99 for the deluxe rocking stand, this isn’t a cheap Moses basket option, but at the same time, it is not at the top end of the market.

We’ll start with how it looks as this is typically how many people choose their Moses basket. The Clair de Lune Over the Moon Wicker Moses Basket is available in either white, grey, pink or blue and you have the option to mix-and-match your fabrics. You could, for example, pick a white Moses basket and then select the Over the Moon fabrics in pink. I love this option as it means that if you use the basket for another child, you can change the fabrics rather than having to buy a whole new basket. You can really tailor it to your own tastes right from the start. Personally, I prefer the white or grey options but everyone is different of course.

The basket itself is sturdy in both appearance and feel, far sturdier than a palm basket. The wicker has been sprayed in the selected colour and there is no sign of the natural wood colour seeping through. The handles are a faux leather, strong enough to move your basket from room to room when required – we do not recommend moving any Moses basket with your baby inside. My only small niggle about the basket is that on the outside of the basket, some of the ends of the wicker weaving are a little scratchy (not sharp but they may annoy an older sibling trying to peer into the basket).

The basket is dressed in a waffle material, backed with soft cotton to ensure baby’s comfort. The coloured trim can be chosen to match your base basket, which I think is a nice touch and would be my personal preference. This basket has a traditional liner and hood made from waffle material. The liner is required to keep baby away from the harsh wicker and the hood offers some protection from drafts or sunlight streaming through a window during the day. The hood is ample in size, but I found it hard to keep it fully erected without the material sagging. I like the fact that you can put the hood up or down silently – there is nothing worse than a noisy hood when your little one it trying to sleep! The coverlet is embroidered with a lovely night time scene depicting the moon, clouds and a shooting star. It is a simple, classy and timeless design. My favourite element is the crocheted cloud and moon applique – a lovely touch which makes it stand out from other designs I have seen recently. The stitching is precise and the finish on it to a high quality.

The basket does not come with a stand, this is an optional extra but as most parents would buy one at the same time as the basket, these are worth mentioning. The Clair de Lune Deluxe Rocking Stand comes in a number of colours to match the wicker basket – a touch not offered by many companies, where the norm is to offer wood finish or white; it is these small touches that make Clair de Lune stand out from some of its competitors. There were a couple of faults in the paint finish but nothing that you would notice unless you inspected it very carefully! The stand is easy to make and is what you would expect from a Moses basket stand.

So would I recommend the Over the Moon Wicker Moses Basket? If you are looking for a traditional wicker basket with high quality fabrics, then this could be just the basket for you. With Clair de Lune’s heritage, you know that you are ordering from a company experienced in producing Moses baskets. Each basket is dressed by hand so you know that care and attention has been given to the product your baby is (hopefully) going to sleep in.

  • Beautiful embroidery
  • Crocheted cloud detail is stunning
  • Sturdy basket
  • Wicker weaving finish a little scratchy
  • Hard to get hood up without material sagging

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"The basket is available in either white, grey, pink or blue and you have the option to mix-and-match your fabrics"

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