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Joie Litetrax LFC pushchair review

Mumii VIP Louise and her son Wesley have been busy putting the Joie Litetrax LFC pushchair through its paces for us – with lots of help from the other football fans in the family too!
What was in the box:

Pushchair unit, 4 wheels, hood, bumper bar, raincover, drinks and storage holder, instruction manual.


The Joie Litetrax LFC pushchair was a pleasure to test and review.

After a read of the manual it was simple and straightforward to put the pushchair together. It was a case of unfolding it, putting the wheels on, and zipping and clipping the hood in place. Then there was the bumper bar to clip into place, as well as the drinks and storage holder. From opening the box it took about 30 minutes to have it all assembled, ready to go, and we all knew how to fold and unfold it and use the features on the pushchair.

We have had a busy week reviewing the pushchair with attending a sports day, a prom, shopping trips and walks, all within an exceptionally hot few days. This has tested the pushchair on a variety of terrains, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the pushchair went across all of them with ease.

On sports day we were in an exposed sports field, on an extremely hot day. It was perfect to be able to test the extending hood feature, which proved to be worth its weight in gold. It provided a lot of shade from the sun while keeping the pushchair as cool as possible. It also has a viewing area in the hood so we were able to keep checking on our son. It was excellent, and it is one feature we really love with this pushchair. Another handy feature on the very hot days is the drinks and storage holder. This allowed us to have easy access to drinks at all times as well as having somewhere to put keys and phones when it was too hot to carry a bag with us. The pushchair moved smoothly over the grass and was a comfortable ride for Wesley.

We also had an evening attending a prom entrance. We had to park in a field with long grass, walk across that, and then across a pebbled road to get to the venue. Again the pushchair crossed both terrains with ease, and the lockable swivel wheel feature definitely helped when crossing the pebbled road.

Being a large and busy family it is essential for us that we have a lightweight pushchair that is easy to manoeuvre, fold and unfold to make things that little bit easier, particularly on the school run. The Joie Litetrax ticks all of those boxes. It is also crucial that we have a pushchair that is comfortable for our son, and again the Joie Litetrax fits the bill. The pushchair itself is a very good size for it being so lightweight, with plenty of room for Wesley to sit comfortably. The straps are easy to shorten and lengthen, and the footrest is easy to change position. The seat positions are also excellent. It can sit right up so the child can see the world, recline slightly, or lay flat which is excellent for a sleeping child. Our son has enjoyed his time in the pushchair, holding on to the bumper bar and watching what is going on around him.

There is a reasonably good-sized basket attached to the frame, which is good to see as it really does come in handy on shopping trips, or somewhere to put a changing bag. It’s easy to access but has high sides so there isn’t the worry of anything falling out of it.

Grandparents play a vital role in helping out at times when we need them and a lightweight, compact, easy fold stroller is something that they must have. Grandma and Grandad both tested it and loved the easy-fold feature of the pram. It’s a simple press of the button, pull a strap on the seat unit and it folds. We were all very pleased that it was light enough for Grandma to fold herself and lift into the boot of their small car, and to see that the pushchair fitted perfectly in the boot. There was even still room for shopping and/or bags. This is an excellent pushchair for families with smaller cars.

The only feature I would have liked to see would have been either a position adjustable, or height adjustable handle. I am fairly tall (5ft 8) and I do sometimes feel like it is a touch low down, however that wouldn’t put me off purchasing the Joie Litetrax because all of the other features far outweigh this.

The Joie Litetrax LFC Pushchair is an excellent all-round pushchair. It has a great-sized seat unit, with a good range of seat positions. It is very lightweight, yet sturdy still, and with the addition of swivel wheels it is a smooth pushchair to push, making for a comfortable ride for our son. The extending hood is one of my favourite features on the pushchair. It provides shade on sunny days, but also helps create a secluded space for naps too. It has a viewing area built in to easily keep an eye on the child while the hood is pulled all the way down. It is very easy to fold and unfold, clipping together once folded to prevent it unfolding. It is compact and space saving.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our time reviewing this pushchair. Older children have found it easy to push and have loved showing it off to their friends. Daddy particularly loves the LFC design and it has been a talking point for him with other parents. It is a pushchair that we would recommend to families in the future.

  • Looks nice
  • Lightweight
  • Folds and unfolds exceptionally easily
  • Has multi seat positions
  • Has a large extending hood with viewing window
  • Has swivel wheels helping to create a smooth ride
  • Has a drinks holder and storage feature
  • Has a large pushchair seat
  • Has a good-size basket
  • Easy-to-use harness.
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Compact and space saving
  • The handle height or position isn’t adjustable
  • There isn’t a bag to keep the raincover in when it isn’t in use
  • There isn’t a parent-facing option

Review overview

Louise from North Lincolnshire Rating4.5


The Joie Litetrax LFC Pushchair is an excellent all round pushchair.

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