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Going into a big bed


For a lot of families moving into a ‘big bed’ is a huge change, which for some isn’t the easiest journey. Those inquisitive youngsters like to climb but as soon as they try (or you catch them) to climb out of their cot it’s time to move! Avoid any falls or bumps and get them into a bed more suitable.

Most youngsters don’t want to change their ‘safe’ place so here is our list of a few things that might help you on the big move…


You’ve got to get the bed right as that is the reason for the change! If you’re reading this and your little one hasn’t arrived yet then it’s time to think wisely. If you get a cot bed it could last you from birth throughout their childhood. Plus, they will already be familiar with the bed as you convert it which makes things a little easier. We absolutely love the SnuzKot at the moment, it’s brand new and just gorgeous. The collection offers 15 individually styled cot beds so you can create a truly unique nursery and if you add the extension kit this bed will last up to the age of ten! What isn’t to like?

A LITTLE TIP: If you let your little one ‘help you’ convert the bed they might be more excited about the change.


Who isn’t excited by new bedding? When it comes to good quality, made to last and adorable cot bed sets Frugi should be your go to. The super colourful and sweet designs will be loved by little ones – maybe you could even let them pick their favourite print? You can be safe knowing your little get a super soft and cosy sleep, plus they are 100% organic and chemical free cotton, perfect for delicate skin.


When little ones move to a big bed that tends to mean it’s easier to get out whenever they fancy. Teaching them to understand when it is time to get up has been made much easier thanks to the Gro-Clock. All you have to do is say “stay in bed until you see the sun”, simple! The glowing screen will show images of stars or the sun depending on the time. It’s an easy way to explain ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’ time.

Talking of ‘don’t wake up until you see the sun’, it might be worth investing in black-out blinds or curtains, this is especially handy in the summer when sunrise is early and sunset is past their bedtime.


Now your youngster is able to get in and out of their bed easily, night wandering could be on the cards. It might be worth getting a few night lights, for their bedroom and around the house (perhaps towards the bathroom). Lindam Nursery Night Lights just need plugging into the mains and it will then do everything else. With the dusk till dawn sensor, it will detect light level and switch on at dusk and back off at dawn. Clever isn’t it?

child in bed

A real essential for keeping your child safe when they move beds is a bed rail or guard. Without the sides of the cot it is easy to youngsters to roll out and bump themselves as they adjust to their new bed. The Grow With Me bedrail from Summer Infant offers extra security and come as either a single side or a double. We prefer the double as it’s fairly common toddlers can get stuck between the bed and the wall.


The big move is a scary thought but Piper the tiger cub feels the same. Similar to a toddler he wants to be big, brave and fearless until bedtime comes around. The book has a sweet story of Mummy tiger persuading Piper to sleep in his own bed and reassures him, that she is never far away. Too Small for My Big Bed is a sweet bedtime book beautifully demonstrates this milestone.

Did you struggle with the big move?

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