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During those nine months prior to your little bundle of joy arriving you need to catch up on all the restless nights to come, however it isn’t always that easy. A lot of mums-to-be experience uncomfortable nights of tossing and turning before they actually manage to nod off and rest. Thankful there is help. In the form of a pregnancy pillow, which are ever growing in popularity.

To assist your sleepless nights here are a few of the best pregnancy pillows available right now that will help and support you and your bump.

Snuggle Up are a multi-award winning company completely dedicated to pregnancy pillows and ensuring mums-to-be are supported and comfortable throughout the tough and previously sleepless nights. Their collection included four different options, U, V and L shaped pillows allow bedtime to be a whole lot comfier even with the biggest of baby bumps. The fabrics used for their pillows are also ‘babysoft’ and are available in 7 different colours – perfect for all bedrooms (or sofas we’re not judging)!

Mumii’s, Best baby & Toddler Gear Awards reviewers voted the U-shaped pillow gold in 2016 too: “I didn’t think I could beat my previous pregnancy pillow which I have used during both my pregnancies but I was wrong!”

The Dreamgenii pregnancy, support and feeding pillow is probably one of the best known and rightly so. This pillow is designed to encourage you to sleep on your left side, in the recovery position. If this position is regular during the second trimester, it can encourage baby to get into the optimum position for birth (what a bonus)! Although left side sleeping is encouraged it isn’t essential with this pillow, so if you prefer the other side, go ahead it’s no problem.

The original Theraline maternity and nursing pillow is a V shaped pillow with a stable, yet flexible filling that is designed to curl around you to support your bump. It will keep your legs, tummy, head and shoulder supported as you wrap yourself around it but our favourite thing about Theraline has to be the range of designs. They offer lots of options to fit into your nursery, as the V shaped pillow is also beneficial for feeding your little one.

John Lewis even have their own compact v-shaped pregnancy pillow. As with most pregnancy pillows, the John Lewis version can be used to ease back, neck and shoulder pain by adjusting your posture when resting or when feeding your baby. This one isn’t so much for snuggling up and wrapping yourself around it for a cosy sleep, but the tight V shaped is great for supporting you.

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